It’s because they don’t correct problems once they accrue. Gold and silver investors are fair and expect any mistakes to be corrected quickly. Rest assured that the Certified Gold Exchange will handle your gold and silver delivery and IRA transactions efficiently, and that you can trust our team to act quickly to resolve any issues to the investor’s satisfaction.

The Certified Gold Exchange’s use of non-commissioned gold investment advisers is one of the main reasons we have been able to maintain our complaint-free status for so long. Our gold and silver IRA experts are also non-commissioned and are among the most qualified retirement investment professionals in the United States. Be sure to request your no-obligation consultation and learn the many ways we can grow your nest egg in spite of a high inflation, rising interest rate environment.

To learn more about the Certified Gold Exchange team and its stance on precious metals in relation to our economy, claim your free copy of our2017 Gold & Silver Smart Moves online or call us toll-free at (800) 300-0715 and discover why the Certified Gold Exchange is known from coast to coast as “America’s Trusted Source For Gold.”

Also, be sure to visit our catalog to find special offers on the most popular bullion products and rare coins, including the $20 Lady Liberty, American Eagles, Credit Suisse bars and Canadian Maple Leaf coinage.

Client Testimonials
  • Yes, David, everything was correct. You and Certified Gold Exchange provided very excellent service - Thanks.  Block end

    -Candice H., Atlanta, GA
  • My prayers were literally answered when I found CGE. They helped me set up a diversification strategy with gold and silver and now I know my family and I will be protected from the coming collapse.Block end

    -Raymond D., Pittsburgh, PA
  • I sleep well with gold & silver in my IRA.Block end

    -Henry K., Salt Lake City, UT
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Due to Insurance and Bonding regulations, the Certified Gold Exchange only permits visitor appointments for our institutional investors who meet the following requirements:

To set up your visit, please call 1800-300-0715 Ext. 303


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