How Can I Get My Coins Certified By PCGS?

To get coins certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service, investors need to work through a PCGS-authorized dealer or purchase one of three levels of membership in the Professional Coin Grading Service Collector’s Club. For the investor looking to certify one or two coins, it is easiest to work through an authorized dealer. For the investor who will need to have many coins certified, one of the three membership levels may be a better idea.

To get coins certified by PCGS through the various memberships will cost $49 a year for a domestic Silver Membership, $129 for a domestic Gold Membership for a year, or $199 for a one year Platinum Membership. The gold and platinum memberships include four and eight free submissions, respectively on coins valued up to $3,000.

PCGS charges $500 to certify an ultra rare coin, defined as being worth more than $200,000. Rare coins up to $200,000 cost $200 to certify whereas regular US coins under $3,000 in value cost $30 to certify. This organization offers a number of options, including same day service, for a premium. Service on regular coins is promised inside of 15 days.

PCGS requires that coins be submitted in their appropriate category. For example, three $1,500 coins can be submitted in the regular category as the value per coin for this category is less than $3,000. An additional coin worth more than $200,000 would need to be submitted separately in the ultra rare category.

PCGS includes an insurance and postage chart on their website so that members can calculate the postage and handling costs when shipping and receiving coins, because these charges are not included in the price of certification.

It fairly easy to get coins certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service; the process just requires doing the paperwork and going to the post office. For someone with only a coin or two that requires grading, it is easier to get complete the process through an authorized dealer who will do the paperwork and charge their fee along with costs from PCGS.

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