How Can I Protect My IRA/401(k) With Gold?

Your retirement account is supposed to grow at a steady pace until you leave the work force, at which time the account should have sufficient funds to, in tandem with Social Security and savings accounts, help you maintain a certain standard of living until your time on Earth is gone. Unfortunately, over $10 trillion has evaporated from within U.S. retirement accounts in just the last few years, with the average account currently holding 35 percent less money than at its peak. Most retirement account investors will agree that, no matter the amount lost, it took longer to earn that money than it did to watch it disappear.

Social Security is quickly moving towards insolvency and savings accounts are now subject to the whim of the Federal Reserve’s inflation-inducing quantitative easing measures. These factors have caused millions of middle-aged and senior Americans to seek financial shelter with gold-backed retirement accounts. Anyone can learn how to protect an IRA with gold, thanks to IRA custodians like Equity Institutional and GoldStar Trust, as well as major gold exchanges such as the Certified Gold Exchange.

If you have an IRA or want to learn how to protect your inactive 401(k) with gold you can request our free retirement brochure via the link below this article. A commission-free Certified Gold Exchange adviser will explain your options, walk you through the paperwork and let you choose the type of gold, silver and/or platinum that will go into a depository in your name. You can sell the metals whenever you like or you can take physical delivery of your gold once you begin to take withdraws from the account. With gold on an 11-year run and climbing in response to the dollar’s weakened state, now is the time to protect your retirement with gold. Call Certified Gold Exchange at 1-800-300-0715 for an obligation-free portfolio analysis and product recommendations, as well as a complimentary copy of Real Money Magazine.

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