PCGS Certified Gold Coins

The definition of PCGS certified gold coins is a definition that more investors have become familiar with due to the nine year spike in gold prices. The term represents the more then 18 million coins that have been authenticated, graded, registered and encapsulated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) since their start in 1986.

Although this organization will grade and certify any coin, PCGS earned its reputation by grading US Pre-1933 gold coins. Before PCGS was formed, dealers and exchanges would eye the coin on liquidation. Many times the grade wasn’t consistent with what was purchased, thus the need arose for an impartial third party to set the standards and ensure that investors could liquidate with confidence.

PCGS sets the authenticity, degree of rarity, and state of preservation at the time of certification. Thus a buyer can rest assured that after holding the coin for some years, he or she can sell it for the current price with the exact same degree of rarity and grade at the time of purchase.

PCGS uses the 1 to 70 Sheldon Scale in their certification of gold coins, which means that a MS70 is a perfect coin and 1 is a metal object that probably once was a coin. Investment grade rare gold coins, obviously, are on the higher end of the scale and generally between MS 60 and MS 66.

PCGS does not buy or sell gold coins. They are an impartial grader of coins whose services have helped set an industry standard of accuracy and trust in buying and selling rare gold coins. Their certified gold coins are standardized so that the basis for setting a price is never in question. Dealing with a reputable gold exchange will allow the buyer or seller to know current market prices for certified gold coins sight unseen. 

Albert Best

Senior Staff Writer – Certified Gold Exchange

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