How Do You Sell Certified Gold Coins?

The Certified Gold Exchange has made selling certified coinage as easy as 1,2,3 so you’re never stuck wondering how to sell certified gold coins again.

    1. Checking and securing your price can be done by calling our trading floor at 1-800-300-0715. We will check all four major exchanges to find our highest buy back quote of the day. Once you accept the quote your sales price will be locked in (secured). You will then receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes explaining how to wrap your coins and ship them fully insured with the United States Postal Service Registered Service.
    2. Track your sold items online at until they arrive at our Dallas depository
    3. Choose to have your payment sent to you via check through Express Next Day Delivery, or through a bank wire transfer directly from our Charles Schwab account into the bank account of your choice.

Certified gold coins that were purchased through the Certified Gold Exchange are bought back without question. If however you purchased coins elsewhere and would now like to liquidate them with us, we would be glad to help as long as your coins meet the following requirements.

Non existing client certified coin liquidation requirements include:

The certified gold coins you wish to sell should be certified and encapsulated by PCGS or NGC only. We do not bid on items that have been graded or certified by other sources.
For non clients, the amount of your sale of slabbed coins should be valued at $5000.00 or more. If you are selling more than 10 coins send us the inventory via our contact form and please be sure to include the date, grade and whether the individual coin is certified by NGC or PCGS. It’s also helpful to know where your coins were acquired because some dealers sell sight-unseen coins and some only sell sight-seen coinage and buy back prices always vary between the two.

It’s always important to maximize your investment return by liquidating your certified gold coins for the best price. Do you have more questions about selling your certified gold coins? Call us directly at 1-800-300-0715 and speak with one of our buy back specialists or get started by simply registering below.

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