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US investors have lost over $10 trillion dollars since 2007, and many experts believe that the worst is yet to come. How can you navigate the treacherous waters of this financial storm and successfully protect your wealth? It’s easy to be confident when you are partnered with the Certified Gold Exchange, the trusted name in the U.S. physical gold market.

Whether your gold investing plans revolve mostly around home delivery or to secure your retirement with a certified gold IRA, rest assured that the Certified Gold Exchange is on your side. Our award-winning Household Gold Investing Division was created to provide hard-working Americans with the same high-quality, discreet service and large-volume discounts that were previously reserved solely for institutional investors. For the Certified Gold Exchange and its highly-skilled team of non-commissioned gold investing advisers, it’s all about giving you peace of mind while balancing your portfolio with physical gold investments. This way, you sleep better at night despite the ever-ticking debt clock (now at $17 trillion and rising) and you have the opportunity to profit with a hard asset that is known for moving inverse to paper currency.

Are you interested in gold investing, silver investing, IRA/401(k) rollovers and/or selling precious metals? Our wide array of complementary investment guides, as well as our ground-breaking Real Money Magazine, serve to make your life easier by giving you the information you need, no more and no less. Becoming a well-informed investor will simplify the purchasing process as well as the eventual liquidation, and will help you avoid the 7 crucial mistakes that 90% of investor making when investing in precious metals.

Our innovative, industry-leading security measures ensure that only 100% authentic gold bullion and the finest genuine NGC and PCGS coins  leave our vaults, and our exclusive PriceMatchPlus ® Guarantee assures that you will never overpay for certified gold coins, and we check all major bullion exchanges so you get our best price each time you buy and sell.

We are protective and proud of our unblemished reputation and A+, 0 Complaint Better Business Bureau rating. We’re proud because we earned this rare status through an unrelenting commitment to the complete satisfaction of our clients. From top to bottom the team members in our organization know that without the support of serious investors like you the Certified Gold Exchange would not be “America’s Trusted Source For Gold” and we are grateful to have been your source for precious metals since 1992.

Over the last 20+ years thousands of investors have chosen to buy and/or sell gold with the Certified Gold Exchange. Why? The Certified Gold Exchange has no hidden transaction fees or charges, and we always offer fast, free, confidential and insured delivery to all 50 states. We have offices or depositories in New York City, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Wilmington and San Juan, so your delivery is always fast, free and insured.

If you are looking into the possibility of a Gold IRA then you will be pleased to know that not only do we work with all of the nation’s top Gold IRA custodians, we also cover the first-year custodial fees for investors who roll over $50,000 or more. Protect your golden years with a variety of 24-karat gold bars and coins, as well as the U.S.-minted American Eagle gold coins. Our Gold IRA depository (DDSC) in Wilmington, Delaware permits our clients to enter the facility to view their holdings, and if you choose to take delivery of your gold you can pick it up or have it shipped straight to your door.

The Certified Gold Exchange staff of friendly investment experts is here to help you learn more about yourself. Instead of telling you what to do or buy, our non-commissioned brokers listen to your needs and make recommendations based on what you believe is best. We always stand behind our solid commitment to deliver accountability, integrity and reliability with every package we ship, because managing our clients’ expectations is our #1 goal.

You have made the wise and courageous decision to invest in gold. Times are tough, but you can be tougher by transferring your retirement account to gold or by purchasing some bars and coins for a little extra family security. You have found a trustworthy and reliable partner in the Certified Gold Exchange, and we encourage you to take the next step on your journey towards financial independence and privacy by reaching out for your complimentary gold insider’s investing guides. Congratulations, you have found the Certified Gold Exchange and you will quickly learn why we are known as “America’s Trusted Source For Gold.”

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